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How to Bare Boat Charter Your Yacht

By Mike Vaughn

About the Author:
Mike Vaughn is a Maritime Attorney based in Huntington Beach, California whose practice is restricted to maritime business and vessel acquisition and sales.

Synopsis of the Book:
This is an important reference book for anyone involved in the acquisition and sale of yachts and ships. It provides a detailed, step-by-step series of forms to deal with almost any situation.

Table of Contents

  • Chartering Your Yacht
  • Bareboat or Demised Charters
  • Time or Voyage Charters
  • Uninspected Passenger Vessels / 6-Pac Charters
  • Inspected Vessels
  • The Business of Bare Boat Charters
  • Insurance
  • Seaworthiness
  • To Whom Do You Charter
  • Limitations of Operation
  • Preparing Your Vessel for Charter
  • The Charter Agreement
  • Determining Charter Rate
  • Conclusions
  • Form - Demise Charter Agreement (Bare Boat Charter) – 5 pages