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General Maritime Matters

Everyone involved in the maritime market understands that there is a large variety of laws, regulations and issues with which they must comply in order to succeed in this very competitive arena. We assist the business owner or individual seeking to acquire a business to evaluate and comply with the necessary requirements.

Many issues arise which require only a short conference and general direction from an attorney.  We provide a wide range of general maritime information on a telephone or e-mail basis.  This provides the individual owner or business operator access to experienced maritime counsel without tremendous financial investment.

In areas in which we do not practice we can assist in locating competent counsel both through the United States and most of the major ports of the world who will provide local knowledge and representation.

The term “General Counsel” is associated with the concept that it is important to have an individual  who is competent to understand and advise you on the general legal and ethical issues you will face. We provide this type of service to the small and medium size company on an "as-needed basis".  We generally require a modest retainer that will give you immediate access to information when you need it.

There are several books in our
BOOKSTORE that provides good background information. You may also wish to purchase The Business of Yachting & Shipping or the Maritime Law Desk Book.

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