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Businessman’s Guide to Maritime Liens

The Busnessman’s Guide to Maritime Liens
By Mike Vaughn
Pub. 2002 / Revised 2007 / 27 pages

About the Author:
Mike Vaughn is a Maritime Attorney based in Huntington Beach, California whose practice is restricted to maritime business and vessel acquisition and sales.

Synopsis of the Book:
This is an important reference book for anyone involved in the acquisition and sale of yachts and ships. It provides a detailed, step-by-step series of forms to deal with almost any situation.

Table of Contents

  • History and Background of Liens
  • What is a Maritime Lien?
  • What Debts are Eligible to be Filed?
  • Who May File a Maritime Line?
  • Who Cannot File a Lien?
  • When Should the Lien be Filed?
  • How Long Can I Wait to File the Lien?
  • Where are Maritime Liens Filed?
  • Do Different Liens Have Priority of Payment?
  • Recommended Procedures for Small Business Owners
  • Dealing with Your Customer
  • How Do Owners Use Corporations to Avoid Debt?
  • Why is the First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage So Important?
  • Filing a Maritime Lien
  • How to File
  • Enforcement of the Lien
  • Forms
  • 1.  Request of Corporate Account Guaranty

    2.  Notice of Intent to File Lien

    3.  Request for Abstract of Title

    4.  Notice of Claim of Lien

    5.  USCG Cover Letter

    6.  Notice to Debtor

    7.  Notice to Mortgage Holder

    8.  Satisfaction & Release of Claim of Lien